OK, so here's the story. While I was joining "Bloggers.com" (curtsy of Mimi), it didn't appear to like the title "Be", because of it's shortness. So I decided to just use my gaming name, like I do with practically everything else, because unlike Blogger, my nickname is too cool for other sites.
Anywho. I decided that if I'm going to have that title for myself for ever other single networking/gaming/whatever site, then I should just change it here.

The only reason I did not want to before was because I know it will confuse some people. But I think I left a message warning you of the name change in your comments (Oopsy Daisy's if I didn't). And I do know that it will confuse some people.

But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

Lady Nansei

^^ Hmm, feels weird signing off like that...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

.I'M N O T R E T A R D E D - I'M J U S T F R I E N D L Y.

Hello, hello once again my fellow bloggers *tips hat*

I've just finished my cooking and sewing assignment so I'm feeling pretty good about myself *cheesy grin* I've also (finally) gotten a new proper phone!!
I've had a cool - but very bland - blue nokia that was probably created in 1999-2004, but it's actually a pretty good phone, I've had it for ages and after that I got a gay purple (I know purple!! no offence to purple lovers) moterella which worked pretty bad.

Anyway, my mum wanted to get a new, cheap phone so she could call her family in Vietnam (yes, I'm half Vietnamese [fluent too]) so I told her she could have my cruddy phone and I'll have her new one so. Ahh.

Oooh, and I also won the bet on how long my friend and her boyf would last together. Got a dollar out of it. Yes, I know it's quite mean to bet on how long people last together but I did come with a (tasty) reward. *cling, cling*

Now enjoy this picture of my little brother (yes, I do know he's a dog):

But a rather cute dog, might I add



Hannah said...

Aww, I miss Rolly.

The ways he used to bark aggressivly at me at the door and how he bit my feet - and my dog.

Aww, tell him Mimi said hi!

~Reita~ said...

I'm kind of like that too. I really love old stuff and I feel really attached to thing.

I think your 'little brother' is cute!


!♥ m i m i said...

Say "Woof" to your brother for me! He's quite cute. Can I get his number?


^ Wow I'm really weird. =__=

Anyway, I need a new phone. I have a black motorola and it can't do ANYTHING. Only call ppl and text. That's IT. There's no games, no web, no nothing. And the camera quality sucks.

Congrats on finishing up those assignments!

Jane said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww Rolly!!!!!!!!! Y couldn't he wait 1 more day so then i could hav won that dollar!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!Naa Be ily! and ily to rolly too!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

hahahahahah I LOVE PURPLE. You're a crazy girl! Awesome things that are purple: eggplants, bruises, rotten grapes. Need I go on? NO!

And your little brother is so adorable. Almost as cute as my little sister! (And by that, I'm not referring to the speaking one.) (Yes, I'm referring to my doggy.)


!♥ m i m i said...

I can't even imagine wearing a uniform every single day D:
Can you dress it up? Like wear accessories and different jackets and colourful socks or something? Maybe DIY the skirt a bit shorter, add some lace here and there?

Haha it's okay. They're called tights/stockings. Leggings are when it's footless I think. Actually, I think you call call it all three of those! I have no idea either. I always just say "tights".

AUGH I can't believe he ran away from you! Guess he's not giving me the number.