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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

.A F E I L D, W I T H S U N F L O W E R S.

This is a story I had to write in English. It's suppose to be a 'horror' or whatever sort of story and the teacher thought mine was pretty cool so I thought I'd post it on here.
Oh! And if you like reading story blogs you have to check out my friend's blog:

wind Wishing

Finger's crossed the link worked. Anyway, check out the blog and here is the English story I wrote:

An owl shrieked in the distance, I could hear the clock strike midnight. But I wasn't afraid - well, that was what I kept telling myself as I crept down the gloomy street, making sure I stayed in the pool of light that each street lamp cast.
I knew I shouldn't look back - but I couldn't help it. I turned my head aand glanced over my shoulder and...
And I became instantly blinded by a bright, white light.
Squinting I rubbed my eyes and peered to see beyond the source of light to find a short, plump man weilding a baton and toothy grin.
Oh no. He was exactly what I had not hoped to see - especially tonight.
With a thudding heart I spun around and dashed towards the fence which surrounded the town.
I managed to clear the fence in a single bound, merely grazing my hands on it's sharp barbed wire. But that wouldn't stop me.
Keeping an iron grip on the package I ran, panting and freaked out, through the high field filled with innocent, watching sunflowers. I could hear the man behind me in hot pursuit, all the while he was yelling at me to 'stop!'
But soon the man's vouice was nothing but an echo in the distance.
With shaking hands I pulled the package from my coat and looked around for a safe place to rest.
Keeping low I managed to find a small cottage house smack bang in the middle of the sunflower feild. The cottage was badly rusted with broken windows, knocked down doors and a tattered roof. Even the walls looked like they were made of cardboard.
But oh well. It was better than making my way down the street, knowing I cant look back, but doing so anyway.
Silently I crept over to the house and opened the creaking door, hoping somone else hadn't beaten me to the little disguised sanctuary. But instead of finding a group of homless people (or anything worse), like I had expected, I came to see only darkness.
Creeping around I managed to find an overturned table and hid under it. I listened for a while - until I was sure I was alone - before I carefully unwrapped the package and gripped the glowing antidote close to my heart.
And, with one final prayer, I pressed the tiny vile to my lips and drank.

So. . . Do you like it? I'm putting this straight to my 'Stories' page, in case you wanted to know. Oh, and check out the blog mentioned above. It's a great blog.

By for now, not forever:



Hannah said...

whoa. awesome story.
I would tell you that ur a great writer expect i think I've already done that about a gizillion times.

xo Hannahbell

Kirsty said...

This is awesome.
Which comes for me to ask you if you can do my english assignment for me.
I have to write a story and frankly, I stuck at stories or anything story related.

Oh, and I'll check out that blog you mentioned (no need to shout!)

Am-Y said...

I remember your stuff from when this used to be a story blog. your stories were awesome back then. they haven't seemed to changed now (only gotten better!)

oh, and I wish Gypsy good life in heaven.

Jane said...

Lol Be i remember him reading it out and you got all embarrased and thanks for the link got the sixth chapter done u happy?ily foreva!=D

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Wow, this story actually makes me kind of excited for my Creative Writing class next year! Send me some of your writing juices? THANKS.


~Reita~ said...

Hello! I'm new to your blog, but while I was browsing through my friend's blog roll I clicked on yours and read some of your posts.

Your blog is really interesting. To tell you the truth I was just going to skim through but I got caught up in your writing. Definately love the posts. And this story. Keep up the good work.


Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

I'd love writing novel and short story too =D