OK, so here's the story. While I was joining "Bloggers.com" (curtsy of Mimi), it didn't appear to like the title "Be", because of it's shortness. So I decided to just use my gaming name, like I do with practically everything else, because unlike Blogger, my nickname is too cool for other sites.
Anywho. I decided that if I'm going to have that title for myself for ever other single networking/gaming/whatever site, then I should just change it here.

The only reason I did not want to before was because I know it will confuse some people. But I think I left a message warning you of the name change in your comments (Oopsy Daisy's if I didn't). And I do know that it will confuse some people.

But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

Lady Nansei

^^ Hmm, feels weird signing off like that...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Short Story: I am Eden

OK, so I've been away for a little while, but I have a valid reason for it -- I was busy doing this? And by "this" I mean I was writing my English essay, which, lucky for me, just so happened to be a short story with my choice of genre and story plot. It's a tad long, so I don't blame you if you don't read all of it (I would kill you, jokes. I would seriously injure you instead :D ). I think there a few typos, I'm just too lazy to fix them up. But you have give it the correct spelling where it's due ;)

I am Eden

The war never ends. For two thousand years it has been going on and on, never ceasing, and one side never having an advantage over the other. For the children who had been born during those two thousand years never saw a morning, never saw a break in the perpetual storm that rages over the Earth, curtsy of the Goörns, one of the races who came flying out of the void and onto the Earth where they searched for two thousand years and two thousand nights in a vain attempt to locate the child of Eden, the last of the Tooravar race . . .
   The Humans searched too . . . they all did. It was a race against time, the two sides battling with each other for a trace of the one who will bring light to a world of eternal darkness and evil, the one who will end everything, and finally bring peace to the land.

My name is Eden.

And I am the keeper of Light . . . the last of the Tooravar . . .

It all began when the Humans found the gate. They had heard of a place where storms were brewing endlessly in the centre of Africa and they swarmed there like vultures, all curious to get a glimpse of the large stone gate that sat silently in the middle of the storm. Everyone had their ideas of what had brought it to be there, some had said aliens and magic whereas others thought that the gate was of some biblical meaning.
   Of course they couldn’t help themselves and after years of strain they finally managed to open the gate, not wide enough so that it was fully open—or fully closed—but it was enough for the races to come flying out of the void . . . and onto the Earth.
   The first to come were the Tooravar. A distinguished race, they had been stolen from a world filled with peace and serenity, where their bald, naked skin and large devil-like wings fit into the environment. But not here, here on Earth they were brought to a land of sand and heat and they were never allowed to leave, the Humans had wanted to live alongside the new race in their own world, and when one of the Tooravar had enough they lashed out.
   That was how the war started. The Humans were fast to grab their weapons of mass destruction and hunted down the Tooravar until they were reduced to nothing but dust on the hot tar roads. Some mourned the death of a new creation; others cheered and celebrated victory. They didn’t pay thought to the gate in the desert.
   They didn’t notice the Goörns until it was all too late.
   The other race had come in a flurry, they were much stronger than the Tooravar had been and bore razor sharp claws and teeth, and magic that oversized the Humans. They had seen the fall of the race before them and decided that the only way to survive on Earth was to fight. And so they fought, they fought and never stopped.
   It was halfway through the war when the Humans realised that the only way to seal the Goörn’s power and ultimately defeat them would be to close the gate, it took them the other half of the war to realise that in order to close the gate they needed someone of Tooravar blood.

And that's where I come in.

I don't know if the other two races know of my existence, I’ve been hiding from them for the last millennium whilst I worked silently and alone so I can make my way to Africa, where home stood waiting. I don't want anything no object or possession, I don't care whether the Goörns or the Humans win, all I care about is getting back to my home land, the land of mountains and blue sky and peace, a peace which I have not laid eyes on for two thousand years.
   Right now I am sneaking across the plains. Although it is night the desert sand stings my feet where they were wounded from crossing the mountain ranges bare foot. I would have flown had I the wings, I was only a hundred years old when I was captured, just a child, the Humans had tortured me until I told them where my family were hiding out. They cut the wings from my back, and even when I had told them, locked me in eternal darkness.
   It was fair enough to say that I was the reason my race fell and the reason the war started. I killed them. I killed them all.
   I shake my head and banish all memories from my mind; right now I need to focus because this is where the hard part comes as the war is occurring right in the centre of Africa—and in the centre is where I need to go.
   Keeping silent I press myself against a boarding wall which they—the Humans or the Goörns, I do not know—have made stretching across the desert. Patrolling atop of the wall are soldiers, their shadows are cast against the sand and I crouch down, hoping that my own shadow would be mistaken for that of an animal. I slither across the ground on my belly until I arrive at the end of the wall and there is no coverage for at least two metres.
   Taking a deep breath, I push myself up from the ground and run.
   I don't think I’ve ever run so fast in my entire life, by the time I get to a crop of trees and engulf myself in their shadows I feel like my lungs are on fire. I turn my attention towards the wall, trying desperately to ignore the pain shooting through my legs, and see two Human soldiers pointing directly at me. The sand is still fluttering the air where I have disturbed it from my run. As the Humans come towards me I press myself into the side of a tree and try to stop my heavy panting.
   A figure passes silently ahead of me and my inside squirm as they recognise the blood of the ones who killed my family and tears well up in my eyes. I duck my head and remind myself to remain silent, because if the Humans were to find me I know that they would force me to close the gate, and then I’d never be able to get back home.
   Suddenly, there is a rustling of leaves directly above me and Human shines a flashing light to the source of the noise. I catch a glimpse of his fearsome face just before something black launches itself at him and claws the Human’s throat out in one swift movement. Within seconds the Goörns are swarming into the area, and the sound of whizzing bullets and horrid cries fill the air. I close my eyes and pray that they haven’t seen me. The Goörns want basically the same thing as the humans—they want the gate fully open so that their powers increase, but if I do this I must connect to only one world and one world alone. Either way, if I get captured I lose.
   And if I die the war will never end.
   I wait until the screaming dies down before I take my chance. I know now that the gate is somewhere nearby otherwise the Humans wouldn’t have chosen this area as their base, and the Goörns would not have attacks it.
   I am creeping amongst the shadows, keeping my distance from the fighting, when I hear the click of a gun and before I can react, something burning hot sinks into my left arm and I fall back immediately and holler in pain, darkness clouding my sight.
   Almost suddenly there is a noise from above me and I try to crawl away but something grabs my ankles and I am dragged across the ground, I dig my fingers into the sand but the hands go free and then I am splattered by blood. The darkness eventually disappears and I am aware that standing above me are several Goörns, they all cock their heads in union and stare at me with odd curiosity.
   For a moment the Earth stands still . . .
   . . . and then the Goörns spring into action, they hiss to each other words which are not clear to me and bring me to my feet, one of them drapes their cloak over my body so that it is concealing us both and I quickly lash out, trying to slam my fists against the side of its head but it blocks my attacks and points to the wound on my arm. I stare into its pale eyes and nod.
   I understand.
   Quickly, the pair of us race away from the battle scene sticking close to the shadows, and I briefly wonder if the Goörn knows who I am, and, if it does, how long would the hospitality last until I’m caught in chains, a single light blaring into my face and they are forcing me to do and tell them things I do not want to do or tell.
   I am thinking of this when a shadow passes overhead and the Goörn falls from my side and the cloak is pulled from my head. I glance towards the sky and see a shooter plane flying over, for a second there is hope that they haven’t seen me but a spotlight shines to where I am crouched and my fears are confirmed. My heart slams against my chest and I will myself to move but I don’t—it is as if I am glued to the spot by the light.
    Suddenly there is something cold on my arm and I glance down to see the Goörn who helped me, a thin thread of life still in it as if wallowed in a pool of its blood. For a moment I am reminded of my father as I watched him die. The Goörn suddenly pulls me close and whispers to me, in my very own language: “Run.”
   I don’t stop; I don’t hesitate to ask the Goörn questions, I don’t try to discover who he is and why he is choosing to help me. Instead I spring from the sand and I follow his orders and my father’s last words to me . . .
   And I run.
So what did you think? If you found anything that, in your eyes, should probably be fixed up or makes absolutely no sense please do tell me (because, you know, it is an English essay, and A+ look good).


Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Mister Doctor Phil. I don't like you. Sincerly, Be.

I don’t know much about Mister Doctor Phil. What I do know is that he’s some shrink who appears on TV and perhaps gives randoms counseling whilst a room full of people and a camera look on. As I said. I don’t know much on Mister Doctor Phil.

But I know enough to rage at him.

Around this time lat year my Christian studies teacher gave us all a quiz that said doctor had constructed. As he is a shrink I supposed that everyone believed that the answers they received were 100% correct because they’re like that.
And I have evidence. If I had gotten a result that said that I would punch some random on the street, my friend would agree. If it had instead said that I would pick flowers and give them to a random on the street my friend would agree. If it had ignored all scenarios and said that I would dig a hole, stick my head in it and then play rubber duckies my friend would agree.

So when I got my answer and my friend instantly agreed that it sounded like me, I obviously didn’t take her seriously. (And if you think that this will lapse into a story about how I now take her seriously and agree with her let me tell you I do not. She is still completely, utterly wrong.)

Anywho, a couple of days ago I was lying in bed (everything comes to me when I’m lying in bed. Screw showers. All I can think about in them is how much soap I’m getting in my eyes), and I was pondering on the quiz that we did and whilst lying in my bed realised my position. And then I realized that answer that I had given once before. And the I realized that I would most definitely have to do the quiz again.

(If you didn’t get all that, I had chosen that I sleep with my covers over my head. Now, I only do this when I’m taking a nap or I’m cold because my blanket can’t even stretch all the way to cover my head, and I have no intention on pulling it out so I can do so. I actually sleep on my side, slightly curled [or straight out, on my side, with my hand on my neck and under the pillow. But that’ irrelevant because that option wasn’t available]).

So I did the quiz again.

And got the same result.

(Another Note: I didn’t just change that one question. I changed a lot of them. Because I’m a year longer and my temper is now very short. So, don’t interrupt me when I’m working hard).

This was my result. Two years running:
“Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy. They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder. It would really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment, expecting you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then, usually decide against it. They think this reaction is caused partly by your careful nature.” Score: 25.

I am not careful. I may be fussy, but that’s only on some occasions when I’m feeling a tad OCD, and I usually always do things on the spur of the moment and will always say and do things without thinking them through first (unless I planned the scenario. And then it never works out my way), I don’t examine things from all angles (unless it’s a book, then I have to check whether or not it has any marks on it. I’m fussy over my books. Nothing more).

I also browsed the other answers and I found that none of them match me at all. But then again they are my friend’s perspectives. But then again my friends tell every single person we come across that I’m evil before I even open my mouth. (Do not ask the story. I keep pins in my shirt for a very specific reason). And so I figured that I can rage on about Mister Doctor Phil because he is absolutely wrong. If he was a good doctor he would at least give me the option of sleeping straight, on my side, with my hand on my neck and under my pillow.

So that sums up how I got to the conclusion that I don’t like Mister Doctor Phil very much at all. Never trust a shrink that gives therapy to people in a room full of people and a camera.

You guys can also test out the quiz and see what (obviously wrong) answer you will get. Here: http://psychcentral.com/personquiz.htm
And if you do complete the quiz please tell me what you got and whether or not you feel like that’s you.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2

Note: This blog may or may not contain spoliers. If you are planning on watching this movie and you haven't of yet then you must definately read this review.

So, as you may or may not know, I recently went for a trip (vacation/holiday/insert your word of choice here) to Queensland, and because there is absolutely, positively, most-definitely nothing to do there sister and I decided that it would be a good idea to go and view the final installment of HP in their BIG cinema with ACTUAL seats which are TALL PEOPLE FREE (just putting it out there, I come from a small town, we have a cinema. It’s not that good).

Ah, right, back to the review, but if you must know I’d give their cinema 5 out of 5. Mine … well, that’s not that hard to guess (suspicious looking puddles in chairs. I don’t think so!)

I would like to say I’m a Pothead, but I’m not. I haven’t even read the books and so I don’t think I’m deserving enough to call myself a “pothead”, but nethertheless I still adore Harry Potter. Why not? It’s the thing I grew up with, I remember going to watch it for the first time in the cinema as a odd and awkward seven-year-old and going for every year since (I think it skipped a year once? If it did then that would mean I went as a six-year-old or maybe a eight-year-old, poor memory), wishing that I would get a letter on my tenth birthday and contemplating up ideas on how to steal Hedwig for myself…

And now it’s all over. My childhood is over.

Well, kind of. But with all that I just said/wrote in mind how could I give the final installment a bad mark? It was purely terrific and, as my sister informed me, actually did things by the book (except for when Voldy hugged Draco. Whew…awkward…). The battle scenes were fantastic and the heart-wrenchingly-sad scenes were emotional (okay, so no one is the cinema cried – but then again sister and I were the only ones in the cinema, except for the woman being me. Man, was she annoying. I felt like giving her my own does of Avada Kedavra). The music add excellently to the movie, and the only real thing that was a let down was the fact that they did not dignify the death of Lupin, Tonks and Fred at all. We just saw them lying on the ground. Dead. Um...cool...

But if you are one of those people who feel deeply about the death of your favorite characters I found this on a site:

I was also sad that the movie didn’t go on for long, I expected it to, but that was mainly because I wanted it to stretch on forever so it would never end. I didn’t want it to end; it was perfect, like a little peace of heaven that I was experiencing. Sister and I had conjured up an idea that they should make a new range of HP movies which went on forever like LOTR and included everything by the book. That would be awesome. And someone seriously needs to remake the 6th movie.
But the most exciting thing was the hear that JK Rowling would be making up a site which featured everything Potter and revealed the endings of our favorite characters. I can’t remember what it’s supposed to be called but I’ll inform you when it has been created.

Now, if you excuse me I must go and read the Potter series, as I have to say if you haven’t read it: you have no life. No offence of course, I’m in the same boat you know.

Cheerio, and if you intend on watching this movie please do so. And depending on who you are pack tissues or don’t, but remember to bring an axe to hack into the poor individual who is sitting behind you.


Monday, July 11, 2011

When I see you Smile, it makes me Smile.

This morning I awoke tossing up whether or not I should post today or just leave a little message in my “Random Updates” above informing you that I’m doing another late post. I also contemplated on if I should wash my hair or not and if I should go into town or finish making that castle on Sims.

(I chose to make the castle and wash my hair, just to let you know).

So why had I contemplated on not to posting today? Because:
1) I would be leaving to go to Queensland in a couple of days, and I wanted to post about that when I returned.
2) I had nothing to post about. Well, der, why else am I making a list.


3) I was lying in bed last night, thinking about downloading this awesome looking game which led me (somehow) to thinking about the days that I post and how I don’t get time to get around to all of your blogs, I do manage to get around to them but I’m always missing posts. Which annoys me. So I decided that I’m changing the time of my posting some time, so I will no longer post on a Monday and will do so on Friday.

O. M. G.

Just kidding. I know, the news is sooooo shocking. But I feel so … unclean when I miss posts and do late posts so I had to inform you. Also I won’t be here on Friday so looks like I’m posting again on Monday. Wait. How does that work out? OK, never mind, I’m changing my times some day some time, you just won’t know when or where. It’s a mystery.

(Yes, I’m writing this from the top of my head while I had just talked to Cleverbot. So. Not. A. Good. Idea)

I’m trying to make sure I have images in all my posts. It makes it look cooler in my opinion. If I could I would get this tattooed on my finger (not the image, the word). But that would hurt, and I don’t want to get too many tattoos (planning on getting a cross on my left wrist and a symbol that you wont understand because I made it up on my left ankle).

I hope that the picture made you smile, and more importantly that my post did! (I wish).

Cheerio, and see you again on Monday ;)

P.S. If my posts do some weird gi-normous gaps it's not my fault! I blame Blogger. It's all Blogger's fault, it's causing the finacial crisis and my hair to turn brown!!!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

All Those who Wander...

Hey guys!
Can you tell? Maybe not, because I’m typing this and sneezing all over the keyboard as I do so (did you get a horrid image in your mind? Haha). I’m sick, and you know why? Because I didn’t do anything to deserve to get sick, I slept, played video games, read books all day and went to work and now I’m sick. All because the holidays started.

{Note: In Australia we have four holidays. The first is our BIG holiday which goes for 6 weeks over Christmas and New Year. The second separates our four terms, these only go for 2 weeks, and right now we are going from Term 2 to Term 3 (into Semester 2). In case you were wondering.}

{Yes, I am indeed from Australia.}

{LOL, jks. I’m from Antarctica.}

{Joking again. Phew, totally got you there, right?}

{No. Seriously. I’m from Antarctica. That’s why I’m always cold.}

So anyway. I’m one very unhappy chappy, so I went onto Blogger and now I’m feeling much better. I also borrowed three awesome books and found my USB which I left here last Monday. Perhaps things are looking up for me, except for the fact that I lost my voice and took five minutes to explain to the librarian that I was looking for my lost USB…

I know what you’re thinking. Short posts are always the best :D :D

A quote from one of my favorite writers (wrote The Lord of the Rings, in case your wondering, I actually prefer the movie but that’s irrelevant).


Monday, June 27, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award

So I got this super-awesome award from Mimi over at Soy Confessions (she actually made it. Eh, cooool!) Which found me doing my happy dance (aka I swivelled around in my chair). I love getting awards, they're like a new follower x a comment from a follower. It's awesome and a way of saying "hey, I'm awesome and I think you are too! Yay, let's both be awesome!" It completes my entire life and ... okay, so perhaps I shouldn't blabber on about happiness and awesomeness and happy dances and life and whatever and get to the chase..

It also came with questions :D :D

Cat or Dog
Not that I prefer one species over the next, but all-in-all dogs are called “man’s best-friend” for a reason (although the sexism that comes over using the term “man” to refer to the whole human race does not appeal to me). They’re loyal and loving, not that cat’s can’t be those things, it’s just that dog are that plus more. I want to own a huge, shaggy black dog and call it Padfoot :D
True Love or the Ability to Live Forever?
Mainly because I would hate to live forever and I think everyone would want “true love”. I know that my saying this might shock some of the readers who know me in flesh but I wouldn’t mind finding true love; it’s just that I’m not the type of person who dates people ever week/month/year whilst still in high school. Mainly because it’s likely that we would break up in a week/month/year/days? And also because that if I was to date and love someone I wouldn’t want it to be an immature, cowardice boy. I’d want a mature, brave man that would last forever.

Being Blind or Deaf?
Obviously. I would hate to be blind and there are times when I wish I would deaf (not serious times. Time when I’m stuck in class. And people are playing music. Jonah’s Brothers to be precise. (No offense). Although, if I were deaf, I wouldn’t know sign language or lip-reading, but at least I would still be able to watch movies (subtitles) and read books :D

No TV or no Computer?
In case you guys don’t know. I’m a massive computer Geek. I look forward to my IT classes and spend most of my days on the computer (my mum claims that I will become short sighted. I say “bogus” to short sighted! [Although you do actually get short sighted from playing the computer too much… {or was it long sighted??}]). Anywho, I love my computer and I actually don’t use the TV that much, although without a TV I can’t play video games (via PlayStation, whoot!) so that’s a minus, although I still have plenty of super awesome games on my computer (Minecraft, anyone?)

2 Hours of Sleep or 48 Hours of Sleep?
I like to be well rested. I’m neither a night person nor morning person, I’m actually an evening person and so I go to bed super early and wake up super late (basically round 10pm-10am) depending on whether or not I have school (school is basically round 9pm-7am). So I love loooooong sleeps, and if I sleep for 48 hours that means I get more time to do stuff (ahem, game).

No Makeup
or No Breakfast?
I never eat breakfast and I never wear makeup. So I’m going to change this question to “super awesome makeup that doesn’t smudge because I have a tendency to touch my face/eyes” or “a really delicious breakfast which is huge and actually gives me time to eat it without having to wake up at 6 or whatever”. And then, I would actually go for the huge breakfast. I’m imagining toast, bacon and eggs. Delish!

Cold Shower or no Shower?
Tough on. As it is winter now I would hate to have a cold shower, but I would feel so disgusting and dirty if I didn’t have a shower. So is it okay if I imagine that I’m in boiling hot summer and I’m having a super-awesome cold shower (they’re not that bad in summer).

To Blog…or not to Blog?
I don’t know if this is actually a question or not, but I’m assuming it is so of course I’d choose blog!!!

So now I am calling upon my loyal readers, Jane at Wind Wishing / Wishing on a Star, Hannah/Kirsty/Belle at Yesterday's Candy, Dani at Fading Margins, Shoe at Soapsuds and Doodles Lexy at Quirky Explosion and Natalie at Finding Natallie Crazy.

I hope you enjoy doing this and by receiving this award I have made you swivel around in your chair in a sign of happiness.


Friday, June 17, 2011

You put your Left Foot in....

I know what you're thinking. This post is late. Waaaaay late. But I have a good excuse. There was a tornado. In ma town.


But don't worry. I'm still alive, I actually didn't even know that there was a tornado until the following day when the news paper said "Mini Tornado". Although it wasn't actually a tornado at all, just a really bad storm with really big winds (reminds me of the time there was a King Tide and everyone claimed it was a "tsunami").
So, anywho, my little town got a tad flooded and I was unable to make my way to the library. And that is why I missed my posting and post-reading for a whole week.

Also my table in my backyard fell down, although I didn't even notice that until a few days ago. Yikes!

Oh, so you're wondering what that random picture above is? It's my wishlist. Okay, one of the things on my wishlist as there are about a gazillion million things on my wishlist. How awesome would that keyboard be? Although it would be incredibly hard to type with I just want it because it looks awesome.

Have a wonderful day,


Monday, June 6, 2011

7 Things I Bet you didn't know about Moi :)

I had a sport carnival today. And I was utterly, utterly bored. Me, sports, nature, sun (people), we don’t mix, yet I still went anyway because an insane part of me thought “Hey, maybe it’ll be a better turn out than last year. Maybe it’ll be fun.” It wasn’t. AND I forgot to bring some reading material so I ended up sitting in a tent with my friend complaining about how utterly bored I was.
I can see the sympathy on your faces already, you’re probably thinking: “Oh no! A Sports Carnival – outside too! How did you survive?” Well I didn’t . I died . I died of boredom .

Anywho, I thought I’d just share that with you...
So a few days ago I was clearing everything up in the folders on my USB and I discovered an old tag I had gotten waaaay back which I never did. It was 7 things about you that no body knows. Unfortunately the reader who gave it to me is no longer on Blogger, so I can’t link her or anything. Anyway, here it goes:

When I obsess over something I OBSESS over something
It’s so weird, I get a sort of excited pain in my stomach and I have to basically feed my obsession with information. It goes away soon and into a ‘stable’ area where I can just like it and not go crazy.

My favourite word is ‘no’.
A beautiful word, you can use it all the time. I would love to be a No-man.

If I could have any power it would be the ability to freeze time.
Can you imagine it? It'll be perfect; I’d stop time for two years and just relax and do whatever without any constraints. The possibilities are endless. I made a list.

My second home is the Library.
I’m right there, right now and I’m writing this. It’s the only place I can get my internet and that’s why I take so long to post and miss many people’s posts because I only go here twice a week. But books, air conditioning and free internet = LOVE

I’m in love with myself
I don’t mean it literally, so don’t freak out. I’ve just gotten to a really good place right now and I’m so happy with myself that I don’t care what goes on around me and what people think. I love my personality, I love just who I am. So much so I’m even in a relationship with myself on Facebook, so it’s legit.

I want to be an Author.
I think most of you already know this. I’ve wanted to be an author for most of my entire life. I love reading and creating another world and emerging myself in it. It’s like a living in a dream (by dream I mean the world you enter when you sleep)

I get really annoyed at poor spelling and grammar.
My friends call me the Grammar Nazi, mainly because I’m always correcting them over Facebook and getting annoyed when they mispronounce something like ‘either’ (they say it with an ‘e’ instead of an ‘i’).

So there. I’ve done it FINALLY. Now you may all have permission to go and complete it yourselves. Go on! I’m eager to see what I don’t know about you.


Monday, May 30, 2011

I have no idea what to call this Post... Oooh! A butterfly!

I was talking with my sister during dinner and she suggested the idea of wearing sticky-tape on your face for a whole day at school and finding out how many people would tell you that it was there. I decided to accept this challenge and thus walked around school with sticky-tape pasted to my right cheek.

For the whole day I went around talking to everyone I knew (aka everyone in my form) and in the end only 18 people told me it was there (one of which gave me a weird look when I told her that I knew it was there and I had put it there myself) and about 80 people (estimated. I don't talk to 80 people) didn't say anything. At all. Although there were giving me a strange look. That counts for my science teacher too who seemed to be tossing up the idea of whether or not he should tell me. He didn't.

Anywho, I suspected that it was a day well spent.


P.S. I'm trying to get posting more often. I feel so clean, so healthy because I've gotten into a regular ruteen once more but I haven't posted often, even worse, I've been far too busy with my other internet tasks that I've been neglecting some of you. I'm sorry about this, but I can't exactly promise that things will improve...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Blogversary!!

Guess what?
It’s my blogversary!! Yep, Tripping Over Stars has been rolling for 2 whole years (almost), I wouldn’t actually say it’s been “rolling” (I hate metaphors) and especially not for two years. I actually started the blog way back in 2009 but it was actually called something else and far less cool (I hope). I started around the beginning of last year but still, I like to say my blog is 2 years old.

It makes me feel experienced.

Oh and hey! Just to my new readers *sighs happily* I only get to go onto the internet twice a week and so I usually miss posts and I’m late to reply and post myself. I’m sorry *coughing spasm*.

So anyway, to celebrate my blogversary I baked a cake that looked somewhat like this:

Okay, so it actually looks like this:
Alright, you caught me. I didn’t bake a cake because I have no idea how to bake cakes in the first place .


Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet dreams or a not-very-scary or so-terrifying-you-might-wet-the-bed Nightmare …

Here’s a fact that will knock your socks right off and cause them to run away commit mayhem across the lands and steal your shoes because that’s what they do: Some people actually wake up … early. *insert gasps of surprise*
I know, I didn’t believe that was possible but people actually want to wake up early—I’m not talking about shop owners, workers and people who generally have to wake up before the rooster crows (roosters actually crows really, really early because their mean and they think their cool).
I was talking to a guy on the bus the other day and he said he always had to run to the bus (although it stops right by his house). When I asked him what time he woke up he said 5:30, when I said why he told me he was just used to and he just always finds himself waking up at that time.

Even on weekends.

So I’ve tried this, I have to wake up early for work at around 4:30 to 5:00 and I always feel like crawling back into my bed and sleeping until the cows come home (cows actually come home rather early because they wake up earlier than the rooster).

I’m someone who love’s their sleep. I am neither a morning person nor night person. I go to bed super early (depending on whether there is anything on TV or I have to get to that next level in a video game or die) and wake up super late (depending on whether I have work or have to go to school). Because I’m a dreamer and sleeping is a good way not to be bored and to think of things to write in my next meaning-less post.

I like Cookies :D

Friday, May 6, 2011


Okay, before I fire away with today’s ramble I must apologise for my lack of posting/commenting and further more my absence from Blogger. I’ve been continuously forgetting to put my posts onto my thumb drive to take to the library and my home internet has been raging war against me for all eternity. I’m sorry. It’s the internet’s fault (and, kind of, mine but that’s irrelevant).

Well anyway, let’s steer away from that subject and get to something that we have been discussing in English: Change. It’s Shakespeare of course (or as one of my friends made me believe once: Shakesberry).
Recently we’ve been doing ‘Macbeth’ as our Spearian subject (did you know that he’s an epic coward? Unlike his wife who was like stabba, stab, stab, stab) and our teacher has bought up the concept of change. Apparently that’s what Macbeth is all about *insert coughing spasm* and I’ve come to ponder on that (as you do):

Do you believe that people can change? In one of my Manga’s there’s a kind and sweet young prince who witnesses everyone he loves being killed by monsters and a black-cladded warlock and then he grows up to be a heartless, cruel Ninja.
Everyone seems capable of changing into something bad but then when it comes time for a cheetah to change its spots people seem to roll their eyes and say something along the lines of, “once a baddie—always a baddie” (disclaimer: people may not say this, I actually have a very short understanding of what people say so I make stuff up).

I believe that people can change. It just depends on how much they want to change and if they have the ability to. I’ve changed from the weird little kid I used to be and that’s probably because of my experiences. As a book, which I cannot remember title, once said: Our experienced mark who we are. Or was that a movie?

Anyway, the moral in this is that if you kill someone’s family, poke them or do something really mean then it is most likely that they will one day murder and torture you.

Okay, I’m sorry; I have no idea what the moral in this is.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: I am Number Four

Note: I accidentally do spoilers in my reviews, so if you’re planning on watching this movie you must read this!

Recently I went to the movies with my friends for a get together, the topic of our desire: I am Number Four, which didn’t end up at all like it had appeared (actually, it did end up as it appeared in the ads and such but I’m just saying that to add some interesting aroma). It was okay, I suppose. I’m not saying it was bad and I’m not saying it was good. It was average, an average movie with an awesome storyline a catch phrase (i.e. we were nine, three are dead, I am number four), the acting was good as well but the way it was made (and written, seeing as it was a book) wasn’t exactly good.

Do you know those characters that are really annoying? The one who used to date the Main Character’s love interest and is still obsessing over her/him. Yeah, they had one of those and what made it even more annoying was the fact that he didn’t die when he was thrown at a two story high window and he apologized to the main character for his nasty behavior and helped him out. The action was good and I bet everyone in the cinema loved Number Six and her awesome fighting. Some of my friends certainly loved the Geek for he shared their addiction to Xbox and getting hit by footballs (or is that just me? I swear that Sport Balls are in love with my head).

So it was actually a pretty good movie – not great, of course but one that was fair enough. The part where he got his powers annoyed me, his dog was pretty cool and I kept expecting it to be some evil monster thing but it turned out to be a good monster thing. If you're planning on watching this movie I’m just going to nod and say: “Yeah, it was okay,” but that’s all it will get according to me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ Love is in the Air O_o

People, today is a day of celebrations.
Why? Well it's quite obvious because today (pretend that it was five days ago) I got my laptop.
I'm so happy, I've been waiting forever and even though it's a cruddy one that I got for free from the school - I'm not complaining.
(In case you're wondering what I'm talking about everyone in Australia who is in a Government School in NSW gets a free laptop. I think it's genius!).

Gorgeous isn't he? His name is Kermit, I've decided to call him that because he's green. Haha.
*hugs laptop* oh dont you just adore technology. It's so smart and well, it has chess on it. I feel so sorry for the people in the oldern days who, if they wanted to play chess on the bus, had to get out a board with peices and get a million stares whilst they did so. Now I can play chess whenever I want, haha (expect for, you know, when I'm not allowed to play chess).

Tecnology = ♥

Friday, March 4, 2011

Be’s list of 'How-Not-To-Destroy-Your-Things'

I’ve noticed recently that people break their items pretty fast, I know for a fact that almost everybody in my maths class have dying calculators (or dead ones, thus owning well-conditioned new ones which will probably die within a year). While I still have the same calculator from the 7th grade. Today I was asked how come my calculator still works perfectly and that made me feel a need to write a post explaining a few simple steps on how not to kill your objects.

Step One: Don’t throw it, kick it, stomp on it or smash it against something else.
A pretty simple solution, but in case you never got taught by your mummies: if you smash something there is a highly likely change that it’s going to die.

Step Two: Don’t swear at it.
It has been scientifically proven that once you buy something and it becomes “yours” then they grow microscopic ears and can tell when you are swearing at it or calling it useless. Thus it would feel either extremely sad or angry and commit suicide.

Step Three: Don’t lend your objects to ANYONE.
This step basically explains itself, but just in case you didn’t get the message: if you lend someone your item it is obviously going to die (unless you lend me your items, I am very careful with other people’s objects and they will never die in my presence).

Step Four: If you place your object in a bag that does not mean it will be safe if you decide to then throw the bag off a cliff (or just kick it across the basketball court).
It is fair to say that other people love kicking other people’s bags, I don’t know why but it’s just the way of human life. To solve this sticky situation don’t leave your bag out of your sight and if someone does kick your bag or throws it off a cliff then you are allowed to scream, punch and kick them. You are also allowed to throw their bag off a cliff and throw it on a highway.

Step Five: Water and Electricity don’t mix.
Water and paper doesn’t mix either. Actually, you should try to keep most of your possessions away from water unless you are going to wash them, and unless you’re Stefanie Presland I doubt that you’re thumb drive will survive a swim with the washing.

Step Six: Be kind.
As I said in step 2# your objects have ears, if you are kind and gentle with it there is a highly likely chance that it won’t die.

Step Seven: Be careful where you put it.
Example: Don’t put your laptop on/in the: driveway, bathroom, under your pillow, under the leg of a table, on a bed unsupervised, in someone else room, on the dining room table, beside your dog’s water bowl, in the chicken coop, on the couch, next to/near a fish tank, next to/near your sibling, on the wet ground, on any ground, under your bed and basically under any object. Why? Because all of these give a highly likely chance that your laptop would be: squashed, stomped on, kicked, smashed in half, stolen (by your sibling, which is worse than a random criminal), wet, peed on, spider webbed, fallen to the ground and put somewhere you are not aware of.

Pretty obvious pointers and that brings me to the end of my list of ‘how not to destroy your things’. I could carry on the list but that would be boring and I can only make up 7 things. However, you can go online and buy my book: ‘how not to destroy your things’ for a bargain price of 50 000 000 000 000c.

Farwell my readers, and remember to give your computer a hug because it’s the reason your reading this now!


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Unnamed Short Story

This is a Short Story which I wrote because the posts I wanted to write failed and I realised that if you ever read them there might be a freak accident where a million people commited suicide (I wish that many people read my blog!). So this is the story, purely random and I haven't edited it because I was too lazy so enjoy!

The weather was perfect for fishing. I realised that as soon as I accidently dropped my Grandfather’s tackle box on my toe, kicked it at the wall and saw all the arrangements of colourful lures, hooks and sinkers. I’ve never been the type to go looking for my own food, I’m always expecting mother to come up to me and feed me like a rubbish bin, but that day the city girl in me ran away and a brainier girl replaced her.
As I fumbled around house, lit only by the small windows, since the electricity had gone out, I dropped the photo albums and stuffed toys and threw out all the expensive clothes in my suitcase and instead tipped the contents of the fishing box into the bag, took some knives from the kitchen, collected my father’s boots and mosquito spray and threw in the ugly but comfy and rain-proof clothes.
I gave the 10-person tent a longing look before I headed for the back door. It was nearly dusk, the rains had been and I was sure the bush, which would soon be my home, was filled with blood thirsty leeches and dangerous snakes. But I knew that it would be too conspicuous so I said goodbye to the tent, beds and photographs with a tear in my eye.
Before I closed the door my dog, Tofu, came running out and gave me the puppy dog look, the look which said, “Please take me, don’t leave me here in the darkness, please,” but I gave him a kiss on the nose and left through the window so that back door remained locked. I knew that it would be the last time I would see him, and he knew that too.
I had to force myself to stop crying, it was useless tears, and they gave you a cold and left you feeling empty afterwards. And I bawl like a baby, if I were to risk weeping it would be like risking bringing Tofu or the tent. I felt bad for not putting him outside so he could run free, avoid the heartless shadows and the guns which only screamed one thing. Death.
I had to remind myself that I wasn’t a bad person; I was doing this on orders―my mothers. She told me to look out for myself, that I was the most important thing now and if they got me it would be as if God gave the Devil the reins of Power.
So I pressed on, I disappeared into the forest, not stopping until the moon rose to the top of the sky and my legs couldn’t take it anymore. I climbed a tree and curled into a right ball up there, freezing in the cold air, scared and on the verge of a breakdown.
But I still had hope, that when the sun rose tomorrow I would be alright, everything would. If the sun rose tomorrow that is.
And I knew it wouldn’t. And I knew that everything wasn’t going to be alright.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to the Bright side of the Dark side

I’ve reached a hard part in my life where I need your lovely advice to allow me to understand a very tricky question. So I’ve found a few photos for you which would help you decide.

So, my friends please tell me, out of the following photos which do you think is a good example of summer?



Okay, so you know which one is obviously summer, the sun, the beach and the genuinely having fun (although I spend my summer in bed with the fan blowing on my face because I’m deathly bored and dreams are, well, awesome). But no, right now they have decided that option ‘B’ is what summer will decide to be like for the rest of its remaining one month.

If you want to get all scientific about it it’s obviously because the sun evaporates all the water because it’s so hot and then the clouds get filled and it has to rain, but because of that right now my town is constantly in a state of: Sun, rain, sun, rain, rain, rain, sun, rain, rain, rain, sun, sun, rain… You get the idea.

So yes, this is a ramble about the rain and maybe it’s doing that because I cant make up my mind whether I want it to rain or I want it to be sunny.

I want it to snow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Hello my lovely Internet friends, how have you guys been lately? Good I hope. Lately I've been living either in my bed or on the computer, destroying my eyes and (silently) yelling at the TV for not showing anything good.

It's so hot here, which might be odd for you guys since most of you are probably decked out in ugg boots, ski jackets and sipping hot chocolate by the fire, which sounds like luxury compared to swatting away flies, sweating like a pig (do pigs actually sweat? I've got to look that up), while wearing singlets and shorts with my hair in a messy bun hoping that none of my friends would think that this is a good time to 'drop by'.
So I'm sorry but the title is totally a false statement (and has nothing to do with this post) since I actually hate summer and wish that it'll go die somewhere, I also hate the sun and when people think that it's cool to show me something written on white paper in the sunlight. I should sue them for blinding my eyes.

Right now I'm pretty much into Op Shopping since they have the best bargain buys (if you can get over the fact that someone might have died, vomited or wet themselves whilst wearing it). I also like hats, since they can hide the frizziness of my hair, although I don't own a pair (note-to-self: buy a hat).
Anyway, this is what I've been wanting to show you. I've just found my Mp3 player again and recently listened to a few tunes and I've rediscovered this song which I used to love. Yes, it's old but it's also a pretty awesome song so you can get over that factor pretty easily.
So here's 'Sober' by Kelly Clarkson, I hope that the vid works, because I suck at html. Right now you'll have to click the link if your actually interested because I forgot how to make it 'appear' onto the post. Sorry, I know - clicking is haaaard work.

"Click this Link because I'm technology illiterate"

I'm not really into music or anything, I only have a small arrangement of my favourite artists and I hate anything R'n'B, rap or hiphop. But here are the best two 'stalker' songs.

1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
2. I'll be Watching You

Thank you for patiently reading and I hope that you all are having a fantastic Summer/Winter.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Real-life Cartoon (not really, I cant think of a title)

School soon. On Tuesday to be precise but it's still the same. School. I'm dreading every minute of it; I don't want to go to school. I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to go to school - except for Lisa Simpson, of course, but then again I'm not yellow, eight-years-old, vegetarian and a genius!!!
Although I wouldn't mind being a genius even though I wouldn't exactly want to be a cartoon character anytime soon (unless I was on Pokemon, or any anime - come to think of it I would love to be a cartoon character. Just not on the Simpsons).

So as I was saying before being distracted: urg, groan school. But why do I want to talk about school when I still have a couple of days left of freedom?! That's insane, I'd much rather drone on about books, video games, dreaming and TV - the four things which make my life important.

Of course, TV wouldn't normally make my list of 'thing-which-make-my-life-important' because there's nothing good on TV anymore, but then again I love watching movies and taking notes from them for my books. Especially 'the Lord of the Rings'. I only just watched the trilogy and I feel as if I've been living under a rock all my life until just a few days ago when I finished it.
Crazy, I know who hasn't watched 'Lord of the Rings'?
(It's far to admit that probably all of you A) haven't watched it before and don't plan on doing so, B) watched it and found it dull, or C) watched some of it but never managed to sit through the entire 171 minutes).
But if you haven't watched it before and like a little fantasy, adventure and action then you should definitely try it out. Or, uh, comment saying 'sounds cool' while your secretly thinking 'bleh!'

So that's what I've been doing lately. Dreading school and watching movies. Not particularly interesting but it's better than a post about the 's' word.

See you around.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Argg I just forgot what I was going to post about. How uncool is that? So while I try to remember I’m just going to list a few things which I am obsessed with at the moment (in no particular order).

1. Saying Bug off, Idiot, Stupid and Poop/Pee’d/Pee (because this is a G rated blog)

2. Sims. Is there a time when I will not be obsessed with Sims? I vote never.

3. Sleeping. Because the land of my day-light dreaming is so much cooler than the real world where I’ll read, write my story or watch cartoons.

4. Cartoons. Because they are just the most interesting things in the world at the moment and so much better than the crime shows which seem to be littering the world of my TV program. Favourite cartoons? Babar/ Invisible Network of Kids/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/ Bakugan/ Spliced/ Pokémon/ Total Drama

5. Dragons. Is there a time when I will not be obsessed with Dragons? I vote never.

6. Ice Tea (which I recently found out is actually ‘ice tea’ not ‘iced tea’ although that would make more sense). I’m also obsessed with Pearl Drinks and Sushi. ♥

I think that’s basically all that I am addicted too. I know, it’s frighteningly short—but that’s okay. I’ve got the time. And I still don’t remember what I was going to write about. Oh well.

Goodnight everybody. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite ;D

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows Everywhere....

So before I told you that I was leaving for Queensland on an undecided time. Well I went on Monday, Tuesday and arrived home on Wednesday because of the floods which was going on all over the place there. You basically have to be really stupid to go to Queensland right now so I guess that was why we just had to go. We actually stayed in a little (Asian) town right by two other towns which got flooded and we were going to go down to the Gold Coast (a beach-side city) but that got flooded and we decided that we may as well go home before we got caught in it ourselves.

I was, actually (not so secretly), hoping that the highway would be flooded so we couldn’t go home and that would extend our holiday. But being us (nothing ever exciting happens to us) the highway just happened to be clear and as soon as we went through they decided to block it off.

So. Not. Cool.

Here are some of the photos I snagged from the lovely internet.

We also made a really gay and stupid video because we were that bored, but on the plus side I got a t-shirt (I have hardly any clothes: one pair of shorts, two pairs of jeans, one jacket, two shoes [my school and flip flops], a million pajama bottoms, and about ten shirts. Sucks.) But I’ll be going shopping with Jane and my other friends sometime in the month (I don’t know when because I never remember these things) and I’ll actually get some more clothes.

So cheerio. Remember to stay dry because if you’re anything like me the rain will give you an afro.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Did you know that 'pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' is the longest word in the English dictionary? It is, in fact, a lung disease caused by breathing in particles of siliceous volcanic dust.
Did you also know that 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' (which was used in Marry Poppins) is not a word. Although it is in the Oxford dictionary I claim that just because it was used in a song does not make it a word. I could say that 'beisawesomerandyoushouldgiveherallyourcandy' is a word if I sing it in a song (although it would be awesome if 'beisawesomeandyoushouldgiveherallyourcandy' was a word-it would be even awesomer if 'beiawesomeandyoushouldgiveherallyourcandy' actually worked).



Saturday, January 1, 2011

T-Shirt Days

Happy New Year’s everybody! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I blame the library because it was shut all week due to Christmas and New Years (yes, I get my internet from the library), which sucked because I had an urge to re-read Tsubasa (aka awesome manga).

I had said that I was going to post some pictures of the skirt/boxer-shorts I made in Textiles, I was just too lazy and couldn’t be bothered going outside to do so but I finally managed to tear myself away from my bed/books and got some snappy snappies.

The skirt actually looked pretty good with the top I was wearing and although I’m a jeans and a t-shirt girl I decided to wear the skirt when I went out to dinner with my family a few nights ago (not high-waisted though, I would rather stab myself in the eye [not seriously, though, I like my eyes, I would rather stab someone else in the eye])

So what are you guys doing/have done in the holidays? I’m going to Queensland (top of Australia) next week, I think, I don't actually know when I’m going, I usually just wait until people say ‘excited about leaving tomorrow?’ ‘Queensland tomorrow’, ‘what bag are you going to bring’ or ‘you should probably pack your bag now because we’re leaving tomorrow’.
Also I need to say Merry Christmas (why is it sometimes written as ‘xmas’ I bet the person who invented the term did it just because they couldn’t fit ‘Christmas’ onto a card they were making).

Well, that is all from me. And had you noticed that I didn’t write ‘anyway’ like I always do in EVERY. SINGLE. POST. I also realised that I should make a ‘sims’ label because I mention it in ESP.

Happy New Year’s (Eve-because it’s so much better than New Year’s Day)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RIP: littlEfOOt ANd GiNGER

I should probably create a label called 'chickens...who died' or something, because I have almost a gazillion posts (three, actually, if you include this one) about my chicken/s dying. It's a tradgety. A shame. They actually died a while back it's just that I haven't written a post about them yet, but I have to make tribute. It's only fair. Now if Flower died I would make a huge 'RIP' with a photo as a widget. You've probably got no idea what I'm talking about. Dont worry, it's pretty simple, you just have to nod and go 'okay' or 'awesome' and that'll just make my day :D

So this is Littlefoot. She has the most awesomest red feathers ever, but I never really liked her because she bullied Flower whose my favourite. She didn't have many friends and was always trying to get in with cool girls. Blacky was her best-friend before she ditched Little for Jackie and after that she kind of tagged around Gypsy and Flower for a while until she realised that they were boring and started doing her own thing. Her messy feathers were an inspiration and she always spilled the food bowls. May you rest in peace, Littlefoot.

Ginger. She was the twin of Mango and a loner. She hung out with the babies because, er, she's a baby. She didn't have many friends in her small group but they still appreciated her. Before she died she left the 'babies' coop to sleep with the 'oldies'. At first we assumed that it was because she was getting bullied but later we found out it was because the bed was too high for her to reach and the 'oldies' have a much smaller one. She fit in well with the oldies until she died. I never really hung around Ginger much. She was deathly afraid of humans. I love how she was a twin with Mango, (actually they were just sisters, but because they look alike we just call them twins), her feathers were also awesome and out of the four babies she was the kindest. May you rest in peace, Ginger.

Okay, you probably didn't get ANY of that either. But it's okay. You're not alone.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello people! How are you? Some of you are probably enjoying the holidays right now, most of you have probably just gotten home from school or are getting ready for school for the next day. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because for once in my bloggy life I’m going to not talk about school. (Note: I hate School).
I, myself just got back from the hairdressers where I got a *gasp* fringe. Last time I had a fringe was when I was 10, so it’s kind of weird and I kind of look 10. But apparently it looks good even though my mum told me I looked like a little kid and my sister keeps saying she thinks I wearing this wig (Note: the wig is really ugly and makes you look like a baboon, not that there is anything wrong with baboons, even though there is), but I’m hopeful that it looks okay.

Argg! It’s so hot here right now. I want to do a photo shoot in my Boxer Shorts and Skirt which I made in Textiles recently (Note: I don't like skirts) but I’m too lazy since all I’m doing these days is going on the computer, playing Sims or writing my story, reading, playing Play Station games, watching Children Cartoons and in between going back and forth from the fridge trying to find something to eat. And sadly the fridge has nothing to eat. :’( Except for Iced Tea. Mmm, Iced Tea. Or is it Ice Tea? Hmm, one of Earth’s mysteries.

Oooh, I can hear someone yelling. I think there yelling at me? I can’t really tell because I’m listening to the same song over and over again. I hope it wasn’t because someone opened the hallway cupboard. . . (Note: I suck at putting things back properly). Anyway. I think that sums up this little post because I have to go investigate. But don't worry, I’ll hopefully come back to post to you with something more interesting. And next time I will aim for not saying ‘anyway’ in my posts, because it seems impossible for me not to.

Cheerio! And have a good Summer/Winter (Note: I hate both)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello to all my lovely readers, followers and any new visitors or anonymouses who might be reading. Hello All.
I know I haven’t been posting for a while, I’m usually just going to post every Friday/Thursday because I’m always trying to find something inspiring to write about, ‘cos no one really wants to hear/read the same thing over and over again, which would usually be me ratting on about Maths and then I’d label the post ‘School’ and then there’d be 50 ‘School’ labels. Which isn’t cool.
Anyway. What I have found entertaining (maybe, possibly, I think. . .) is that I’m gonna be going on a school excursion to Movie World (aka a theme park) tomorrow. Which is cool. I’m usually not bothered to go on my school’s excursions because they’re usually to Theme Parks and I’m a total wimp when it comes to *gulp* BIG RIDES. And if my friend’s try to drag me on there I’d kick and maybe not scream because I don't want people looking at me and thinking what mental institution did she break out of?
I’ll try to get lots of photos, which mainly means I’m going to have to go onto Facebook and copy them off my friend’s profile (if she takes any) because I’m not trusted with our camera because I’ll lose/break it. Which I can agree is fair because I lose/break things a lot. Well, mainly other people’s things, I like to keep my own nice and tidy, maybe, possible, sometimes.
Oohey, and I’ve also finished making my skirt in Textiles, which is awesome. Got a 29/30. Made me smile. And I watched Tinkerbelle, which wasn’t as bad and gay as I thought, actually a good movie. Hmmmmm.
So that wraps up my post. I’m going to go and find an interesting photo to put on. Here’s One!!!

I’m pretty much writing this on a hype, since I just ate a TNT (which is a sour ice block-a-me-giggy). Now I’ve got that AC/DC song stuck in my head. I don't like AC/DC. Happy Christmas! I can’t wait until Christmas/Jesus’ Birthday, I want to get a DS but I’m getting an expansion pack for Sims (2), which is still awesome, and I’ve got to wrap Hero up and put him under the tree for an added present :D What do you guys want/are getting for Christmas??
Have fun!

Friday, December 3, 2010


So how are you all feeling? Good? Three questions for you, if you had to be any animal, plant/tree and mythological creature which ones? Wolf, Poison Ivy and a Dragon for me.
It seems like every single time I post on my blog these days it’s when it’s raining, so basically I always say ‘dear readers, it’s raining here at the moment’ and then I delve into something random --- there was a Possum in my fridge!

(Sorry, I forgot to get the photos from the camera, but I'll later edit this and place it on)

We all thought that it was a rat that was running around our walls, but it turns out it was a possum! But poor Pussy (which was what my mum called him, since she can’t say ‘possum’) died the other day, I wonder if it was because he ate the rat poison in the roof. That sucks. It’s strange how when you get a possum in your roof your like aww, and when you have a rat your like ‘stupid thing crawling around in mei roof’ or is that just me? R.I.P to Pussy!!!!

I’m also proud to say that me and my friend, Jane, have created a blog devoted to a story we’re writing together. The writing may be rubbish to your opinions but we’re just doing it for fun, not for show, although it wouldn’t bother us if anybody read it.
Anyway, the story’s about two girls, best-friends and cousins, named Vairety and Ash who find themselves being chased by a group of dark-dressed men. They find this necklace and when they both touch it they’re magically teleported to a different world where mythological creatures exist and humans don't. They meet a friendly dragon named Xi and go on an adventure to find out a way to get them back home. On their adventure they find out that they can hold powers from the elements Fire and Air (Ash=Fire, Vairety=Air) and that there are two men who are causing havoc and they possess the powers from the elements Water and Earth.
That’s basically the summary which I’ve constructed, and if you’ve found it interesting click this like here >The Babylonian Chronicles<. But be warned, it might not have anything on it, depending on when you read this blog and click the link, but if you return later I promise there would be some interesting reading material placed ;)

Now I’ve written a blog post! Yippee yay!! I’m going to reward myself with Sims where I’ve created a family filled with Aliens, Vampires and Vampire Slayers and evil Aliens :D
Hope you have a good week/weekend, and enjoy all that chocolate cake you’ll be eating, possible, maybe, one day. . .


Monday, November 22, 2010

hARRY POttER ANd thE dEAthlY hAllOWS pt 1 : REViEW

Hello again my lovely readers. I'm getting into the loop with my posting again, it feel good :D

Well, recently (last Saturday, actually) I went to watch Harry Potter 7 with my mummy and my sister. I thought I'd review it, since review is ever so much fun (unless it's about poems for English). Anyway, shall I begin?

This newest Potter movie would probably come as my favourite, since that elf Dobbie dies in it (yes, I dislike Dobbie ever since the Chamber of Secrets) and a lot of the other characters too. Okay, I'm trying not to spoil this, but I have a feeling I might, so if you don't want me to spoil it then don't read the rest of this :D So. . . I loved the whole adventure-ness of it, since Adventure, Fantasy and Action are my three main keys which HAS to be in a book/movie for me to really like it, and this has them all so a big thumbs up for whoever-created-the-movies/books. I did feel a bit annoyed on behalf of the baddies since every time they came near to capturing Harry Potter he and his friends teleported themselves away. Damn you who ever taught them that! It was also a shame when Hegwid (sorry if I misspelled the owl's name) died, since she was an awesome character, although I would have chosen a Dragon over an owl. . . A bad part of the movie would be the fact that most of it was just the three main characters playing in their tent and travelling around, also when stupid Ron had to come back (I dislike Ron, he should have been in his house when it blew up).

I guess that pretty much sums up my review. I guess it's not a particularly good review, since I'm just pointing out most of the little things which I dislike about it. Hey! Here's a like: I like how they have to find all those three (two actually, since they already have one) and how they still have to find those Horcruxes.

Spoiler: Harry Potter is an Horcrux.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey People! How are you? I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself because I lost my library card, and then when I was going to pay for a new one I turned around and found it on the TV Unit under all these candles. What good timing eh? And even though I knocked the candles over and almost broke a little statue cat and the TV I found my library card and managed to borrow those three CDs which I've been wanting to for a while!

Also, at school today I had to do a play for Shakespeare (stupid Shakespeare *shakes fist*) in front of the whole class. Awkward much? Well the play me and my friends did on 'Much Ado About Nothing' (what sort of title is that, anyway?) was pretty awkward, since we were at a ball in the play and we had to dance and stuff. I repeat, awkward. And then I had Science, and then I watched 'The Green Mile' because it was too wet to go fishing.
And yes, I can tell what your thinking, your thinking 'why would I care about what you did at school? I just got home from/finished school, and I like Shakespeare!' okay, that might not be particularly true. Everyone hates Shakespeare. And I'm only writing about school because I'm trying to conceal the fact that I have nothing to write about, hmm, maybe I shouldn't have told you that. . .

Well here's a random piccy to take your mind off things:


Friday, November 12, 2010

R.I.P> Chilli the Hungry

Hey People!

I come with sad knews today. As you can tell by the title one of my beloved chickens has died. Her name was Chilli, she was 3 years old, a good friend of my favourite girl Flower, and she was a Honey-Coloured Leghorn.
Her death was pretty mysterious, if you want to put it that way, since she was sick, but no badly, but then at night when my mum went to take the other girlies (aka chickens) to their coop she couldn't find Chilli anywhere so she called me out and I went to take a look.
I searched everywhere but I couldn't find her and it was getting dark and I was getting eaten by mosquitos so I decided to end the search party and we made up a theory that she might have been taken by an Eagle which are usually circling around our house, causing the chickens to go burserk.
Anyway, the next day, after I came home from school, my sister told me that she found Chilli by the beack fence and she was mauled by a dog, her whole leg was ripped off and probably lying in our neighbours backyard right about now. So that solved the mystery.

I cant put on a photo of Chilli, since this computer is being difficult. But just pretend there is a photo of a chicken here .

There. And, on brighter sides, I got a lollypop!!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Draft of 'Sedona'

Just got back from work with my eyes all sore and tired and with my brain still sore from working at the markets I couldn’t really come up with anything to write about that won't make your brains sore either.

So, I decided to post a draft of the book I’m currently writing: ‘Sedona’. The book is about a girl named Mira who’s dad is a Mad Scientist. And then, one night, some black-dressed men come in looking for him and try to get her to unlock his new invention: a Time Machine—which he had created so he could travel back in time to be with his dead wife (Mira’s mother) again. She ends up travelling over 3 million years forward into time and finds herself in a weird place filled with magic, demons and other weird creatures. This is an extract from Chapter 4, after she’s already travelled into time. I haven’t edited it yet, so bear with me.

Still soaking wet in my blue pyjamas with little ducks on them, I marched through the dense forest and as far away from the river as I could get.
I knew I should have stayed there at the ‘crash’ site, but I couldn’t help it. I was now 3 million years forward in time, and who can be guilty of wanting to explore?
The sun had already started rising when I finally stopped walking and sat down to rest by a large hollow log. My hair had already dried into a tangled, black mess and but my pyjamas were still damp and scattered with dirt and tiny leaves.
After checking that there was no spiders I brushed away the leaf litter and lied down by the log and tried to get to sleep. I had just rested my eyes and felt like I was about to go to sleep when I heard some commotion and hushed voices not far from where I lay and sat bolt right and glanced around anxiously.
I paused for a moment before I quickly stood and grabbed the lever, which I had been carrying all this time, and held it up as a weapon, although if it was some tough animal I was sure I had no means of protecting myself with some metal stick with a knob at the end.
I heard another array of hushed voices followed by a shout—not a war cry or a shout of pain, but something like realisation or, maybe, fear.
I was about to open my mouth and shout, ‘hello?’ like the people in books always do when I realised that I better keep my mouth shut, especially if these people mean harm.
For a brief moment I thought of mutants—or cannibals who used to be the real humans—until the forest took over. It was still dark out, the sun was just a blur over the canopy of trees, so maybe they were vampires—or werewolves. Maybe they’d turn me into their own kind. That would be pretty cool, but then again vampires and werewolves aren’t exactly like they are in all those books and movies.
I was too caught up in my hysterical thoughts (you know how some people can’t stop talking when their nervous—I can’t stop thinking when I am) to notice that something was creeping up behind me until it hit me—literally.
I let out a scream as I felt the tiny arms go over my throat and it’s legs over my chest. I tried to kick the creature off but already all of it’s tiny friends were dashing out of the bushes, holding tiny spears in their hands and bows and arrows in the other.
“Oh, crud, man,” I muttered.
The creatures were about knee high, some even smaller. They had dark, chocolate coloured skin and masks which covered their faces. Pretty much all of the masks were the same: they had an ornamented of feathers surrounding them and giant, eyes painted onto the wood with a big, grinning mouth set underneath them.
One of the scary, tiny creatures even chucked it’s 30cm ruler-sized spear at me, which narrowly went passed my head and probably (hopefully) hit the creature on me because it started yelling at the thrower in some weird language which seemed to mostly be made up of different pitched screams.
The thrower screamed back, causing the one on my back to jump off me and start attacking it’s team mate. Once it was off me I turned and started to run but two creatures jumped onto my legs and pulled my down onto the dirty forest floor.
Acting swiftly I turned the lever on them and hit one right in the stomach. I heard a crack and the creature stumbled backwards before falling to the ground and dropping it’s ruler/spear.
This seemed to cause all of the creatures to stop what they were doing (which seemed to mostly occur of them fighting each other) and screamed before they all leapt onto me at the same time.
I managed to let out my own scream while I was being crushed by their tiny little bodies. I tried to swing my weapon at one of them but another knocked it out of my hand before grabbing hold of my hand and bitting down on it.
I let out a shout of pain as all the others started following this ones tactic and dropped their spears and began sinking their teeth into me.
After a while of them bitting me my body was beginning to feel numb and I couldn’t help but think, this is it. This is how I’m going to die—being eaten alive by these weird little creatures. I wonder what your suppose to think about when your about to die?
But suddenly the creatures were starting to leap off me and recollect their spears to throw at something in the distance.
I saw a blaze of bright like and tried to sit up to see what it was until one of their spears made contact—into my left arm—and unlike their bitting these spears actually hurt, like getting stabbed by a knife hurt.
I glanced down at my arm which had blood pouring out of it like a tiny water fall and all down my forearm. “Oh my. . .” I thought, totally ignoring whatever that bright light was and concentrating on my flaming wound.
I had just started feeling an even bigger panic arise in me when one of the stupid, tiny creatures raced over and ripped to spear out of my arm to throw at their new victim.
“Ow!” I screamed, and angrily punched the creature with such force that it went soaring a few metres away where it crashed into the log which I had once been resting by.
Some of the creatures ran over to me and began trying to bite me again but I was quickly on my feet and kicked them away and into the log as well.
And to tell you—kicking these creatures felt good, so I ignored whoever their new victim was, their flying spears and my wound and began going through the crowd, angrily kicking them all out of the way. Some tried to get onto me once more but failed under my good kicking force (maybe I should have tried out for the soccer team after all) and soon most of the creatures, who hadn’t been kicked, turned tail and ran back into the bush, screaming the whole time.
Not long after I knelt by the ground, panting and found my lever. It was like my new best-friend or something. I put one hand to my wound and it came away stained with almost black blood.
Whoa, I remember thinking before my vision became blurred. I heard some more voices close to me but up high. I realised that it might have been those creatures again and tried to get up but that just caused me to fall onto my back. I was panting hard, I could even feel sweat pouring off of me.
Soon my eyes shut and all I saw was darkness. And then, nothing at all.
It’s hard to remember what you’re thinking when you’ve fainted. I’ve never fainted before then but my brain was working so over time to fix my wound that I didn’t even bother to come to terms that I was passing out.
You know what I mean? No. Okay, I’ll just shut up and continue with the story.

Since this was a whole chapter I had to get rid of a lot of paragraphs but please tell me what you think, and defiantly the constructive criticism because I need so much of that to know how to make my stories better.