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Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, I've finished IN YOUR FACE

Some of you might already know that I'm dying to become an author when I finish school.

Yes, well, I'm writing a book at the moment called 'Blessed' but I didn't feel like finishing it so I started onto a book just to write for fun.

This book is in a series called the 'Silverblood Redemption' (stole that from cartoon Silverwing Redemption' and I'm am so not getting it published.

Well. . . maybe in the future, when I'm a better writer

Anyway, I just finished book one (called Evanescent) and so I went onto the Internet and started scanning for book cover so I could deface it and paste it onto the document.

(This is only for fun, so I'm allowed to do this stuff thank you very much Hannah)

Anyway, here is the piccy I defaced:

Most of you will know this as the Third Book in the 'Immortals' series and it's a perfect victim for my defacing

Mwah ha ha ha

Anyway. The book is about a girl named Ash Woods who dies in a car crash and comes back to live in another world called 'Aridia' where she meets her 'Link' (a little black dragon) called Vur and finds out she's a powerful being called 'People of Stone' or 'the People'.

Ash then moves into 'the Institute' with Six (there are Seven People of Stone) who each follow one of the 'Seven Stones of Alor'

-Fire (which is Ash's Stone)

And she has to kill evil demons and half-demons which try to take over Aridia and then Earth and then Heaven.

Yeah. It's an Fantasy Adventure and from what I've quickly written doesn't seem so appealing. But then again I'm only writing it for fun so you guys can never read it

Mwah ha ha ha



βe said...

Damn it, left my name up the top of the defaced photo.

Oh, and if you noticed the girl has her eyes open so there is a difference (maybe not for Americans, your book cover is probably same)

Kirsty said...

Haha, nice hadiwork on defacing the photo.
Oh, and congrats on finishing you novel for fun!

Miss Vipro said...

Aha, I know your name now. Lei Buddee, I'm gunna call you that now

And I want to read your book

-Miss Vipro

♥ M i m i said...

oh goodness just by reading this summary i feel excited

i SO want to read this!!!

love the defaced pic. very... profesh :D

i've tried to write a fantasy novel in the past too :[ did NOT turn out well. i just don't have a good enough imagination!

♥ M i m i said...

OH and love how Ash Woods corresponds with the "Fire" stone.

like Ashes.
and burning Wood.


I always love choosing names to correspond with their personality or the character they're playing :D

βe said...

Kirsty - thanks!

Miss Vipro - creepy much?

Mimi - haha,keep on wishing