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Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Wrong With School?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that this seems just like the sort of topic you would put for a speech on some gayy English assignment. And you’d be right.

So yeah, I’m forced to write a 2-3 minute speech on what’s wrong with school.

Which should be easy considering that everything is wrong with school. When ever is there not something wrong with school? But the teacher said no going on and on about having to do speeches and assignments, that I have to make it interesting—which, frankly, I suck at. I suck at making things interesting SO BAD.

So I thought I’d write the topic down here and hope that it makes things easier for the speech (which it obviously won't), but I’m not going to go on for the rest of the post about why I think school is gay because that’s a big no-no in blog world.

So I made a Pros and Cons list about what I thought about school.


1. You make friends there
2. You communicate with other people
3. You learn things
4. Without school we might be pretty dumb
5. The canteen might sell yummy foods (unless you go to my school)

And then there’s the Cons. . .


1. It’s school
2. Most people have to suffer 6-7 hours of it
3. You’re forced to do things like speeches
4. If you hate someone you have to see them everyday at school
5. Everyone can think of far better things to do than go to school
6. It includes Maths
7. And English
8. It’s apparently illegal to wag or skip school without being sick or what-not
9. People bash you up at school
10. If you have no friends you’re a freak
11. Your put into “stereotypes” (usually ones you disagree with)
12. It’s most likely to get enemies at school
13. Sometimes you have to do Geography
14. And other subjects that you really disagree with
15. If a teacher hates you they have full permission to make your school-life hell
16. You get headaches
17. It’s boring
18. Some classroom smell like pee and are crowded with spiders and you’re still forced to sit in them
19. Most people are afraid of Spiders
20. I hate spiders
21. They creep me out
22. My A.G classroom is filled with spiders
23. So is my house

So yes, 5 pros and a massive 23 cons. Although I could have exceeded the cons WAY more than 23 it would have been boring to read and everyone would have already known all of the cons.

Okay, so I guess I have to get back to my speech and unfortunately I can’t just deliver this post and be done with it.

Sigh, if only school was a giant Blogger world.




Hannah said...

I KNOW school is so gay. It's practically torure especially because I had a double period of science today:(

Jealous Noveity said...
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Moon Beam said...

Mmm, I know how you feel. I hate having to stand up in front of everyone and present something. Just a little hint, know that everyone else is probably just as nervous as you are or maybe more. So you're not the only one embarrassing your self!

Am-Y said...

Hahaha, I love this post, and it makes me feel really glad that I dont have to go to school anymore!

Punk Abstraction said...

Well I hope you go well with your speech (get top marks)!!

βe said...

MB - Thanks for the tip, it's always good to know you aren't the only one embarrassing yourself

PA - Top marks, dont make me laugh

Am-Y - I envy you

Falling Up said...

I hate speeches. I liked school? I agree with the cons, but I like being productive. If I didn't go to school I'd be dumb. ANd lazy for sure. and really unproductive. 3 days into the last vacation I had I didn't know what to do with myself. I feel so useless. lol

School, college, same thing. blahh.

♥Mimi said...


stereotypes suck... i'm still trying to get over my various ones.

= =

i think spiders are everywhere. it's pretty creepy actually how they appear in the most weirdest places. LIKE MY CEILING AUUUUGH

well i guess it's not that weird. but still, i think spiders should stay outside. in the wilderness. where they belong.

i can't wait to fricking graduate next year. UNI WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER (hopefully)

Constructive Attitude said...

I used to like school a lot. I dont remember when I quite starting hating it. But it does have a lot more pros. Maybe they should do a "what if we had no school, what would the world be like" prompt instead.

βe said...

Falling Up - As much as I hate school I have to agree, I'll be dumb without it

Mimi - Unfortunately spiders are much like humans. They never obey the rules

CA - You actually LIKED school? You are a disgrace!!

What Are You Looking At? said...

Hahaha, anyone who likes school is considered a disgrace huh? Suck on that Lisa Simpson!

βe said...

Wayla - I hate Lisa, she's such a dork.