OK, so here's the story. While I was joining "Bloggers.com" (curtsy of Mimi), it didn't appear to like the title "Be", because of it's shortness. So I decided to just use my gaming name, like I do with practically everything else, because unlike Blogger, my nickname is too cool for other sites.
Anywho. I decided that if I'm going to have that title for myself for ever other single networking/gaming/whatever site, then I should just change it here.

The only reason I did not want to before was because I know it will confuse some people. But I think I left a message warning you of the name change in your comments (Oopsy Daisy's if I didn't). And I do know that it will confuse some people.

But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

Lady Nansei

^^ Hmm, feels weird signing off like that...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quote of the Month

Blaize found this quote in the Holy Bible which she is reading. I mean basically reading the whole thing. I know what your thinking, I read the first part and it was too hard.

So back to the point. It’s another month for my beloved quotes and while Blaize was reading the Bible she found this quote and thought that it would match ‘Tripping Over Stars’ so here it is:

And I saw a star, fallen from heaven to the Earth – Revelation 9:1

And yes, that is this month’s quote. It’s not quirky or whatever but it’s now this Blog’s new home quote so. . .



P.S You guys may have noticed that there’s an added ‘B’ to my name. This is not because I suddenly felt like having an ‘e’ but because it’s actually how my nickname is spelt but my mum and sis still right it as BE and after that ‘Black Eyed Peas’ song I’m really starting to like the ‘e’ (although just a ‘B’ is cooler).

Over and out:

--βe (with an ‘e’)


Miss Vipro said...

Heehee, I think the 'e' is cool and you should always know (be) not to fiddle with your nickname

P.S, what is your real name?

What Are You Looking At? said...

Oooh, that must be so hard (reading the bible all the way through), I attempted it once but I couldn't do it in the end

βe said...

Miss V - Keep on wishing

WAYLA - So did I! I bet most christians do try to read it and then, eventually, give up. It's practically like trying to read one of shakespears plays

Kaitlyn said...

Hehe. Nice quote. It's not really like spaz or anything cool like that but I guess it's from your beliefs and everything.

Punk Abstraction said...

That quote is nice. It really tells you wy you would be tripping over stars!

Am-Y said...

I always imagined that trippingoverstars would be something like when you trip you see stars and stuff like that.

βe said...

Kaitlyn - Nothing really jumps out at you but I guess I like it because of the bible

PA - It reminds me of this little kids show caled susie's star

Am-Y - yeah! That really makes sense, like in those cartoons and stuff

Little Miss Sunshine said...

I really love your blog. It's quirky and very interesting to read

βe said...

Little Miss Sunshine - Thank you. And thank you for joining my site!!