OK, so here's the story. While I was joining "Bloggers.com" (curtsy of Mimi), it didn't appear to like the title "Be", because of it's shortness. So I decided to just use my gaming name, like I do with practically everything else, because unlike Blogger, my nickname is too cool for other sites.
Anywho. I decided that if I'm going to have that title for myself for ever other single networking/gaming/whatever site, then I should just change it here.

The only reason I did not want to before was because I know it will confuse some people. But I think I left a message warning you of the name change in your comments (Oopsy Daisy's if I didn't). And I do know that it will confuse some people.

But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

Lady Nansei

^^ Hmm, feels weird signing off like that...

Monday, May 17, 2010

One Year Aniversarry


{I'm not an OMG girl but anyway I'm going to just use it this one time, so may I continue?}

I was browsing my Profile after editing it and found out that on May 2009 was when I joined Blogger and when I checked my calender I was relieved to see it was still May because I've been informed that most blog users write a post about their anniversary.

So happy 1 year anniversary!!

I know it's not big, most have about 10 years or whatever and I'm just this little newbie who celebrating their 'wow' big year 1, but whatever makes me happy.

^^^^^^Ooh, look a Cupcake, I like cupcakes, not this time, it looks disgusting^^^^^


Cherry Pops said...

Happy Aniversary!

Even though it's your first it should be special for being your first


Hannah said...

That Cupcake looks delicious, then again I love all cupcakes but it suprises me how you think it's disgusting!!

Gotcha said...

Happy 1st Anniversary, it's awesome that you have been blogging for a year even though others have longer it's till a high mark

♥Mimi said...


may many more years come.
(ooh look at that alliteration.)

Thank you for your kind words.

I'm determined to be more open, and more positive, and just... well talk with my friends more, not just about superficial things or daily things, but about life in general.

Baby Bird said...

Happy anniversary!!

P.S I love your blog layout

β said...

People - Thanks, and it was a real. . .uh, SUPER - it was a really super blogversarry. . .