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But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Die Beach Boys, Die!

Lowdown: One student. One 75 minute music lesson. One Beach boys CD. One day of hell

I hate the Beach Boys SO much.

The only reason I would actually bring them back to life is to murder them again. They don't know anything about rock music (what is Surf Rock anyway?) and they have the most horrible voices and musical talent In the Entire World.

And saying this is HUGE for me because that means that they are even worse than the Jonas Brothers.

I also hate Music (the subject, not music, music).

One because I hate the teacher who teaches Music, and two because I cant play an instrument, man, I cant even play the glockenspiel (that is sad true).

But on days that I actually do like Music is when we usually watch Movies about the beginnings of rock music (*shudders*, Jerry lee Lewis), which isn't that bad although their always disgusting.

Today we were doing question sheets on the Beetles and other British (are the beach boys British?) musicians when the hate-able Teacher scurried in holding a Beach Boys CD and decided to play it for the rest of the lesson.

The good news was that we were allowed out to sit and play the guitars when we had finished the sheet - the BAD news was that when I had finished the sheet my friends were still on question 3.

So being the nice person I am I gave them my book thinking that they would share it between both of them, but just coming out of a fight I was wrong and it when from Friend 1# who then left me and gave the book to friend2#.

That's the tragic tale about how I ended up being stuck listening to the Beach Boys when I could have been outside cutting the skin off my fingers on the guitars.

And my friends aren't very fast writers.

And now I'm going to murder the Beach Boys.


The Childish said...

I'll have to disagree with you on that - the Jonas Brothers ARE the worst singers on planet Earth.

Am-Y said...

I love your writing style - keep up the good work girl!

Cherry Pops said...

I hate it when you're sitting on a bus and the bus driver has really bad music turned all the way up so you cant even listen to your own iPod

Friday Night said...

We have yet another award for you B! Because of you're fabulous writing style and glam way of describing that you are a Watermelon here's the 'Beautiful Blogger Award' waiting for you on our blog with an included tag. Hope you smile and think beautifully of yourself when you get this!

Skiff said...

What a very stange way of talking about how much you would rather these people to suffer from a very strange death...