OK, so here's the story. While I was joining "Bloggers.com" (curtsy of Mimi), it didn't appear to like the title "Be", because of it's shortness. So I decided to just use my gaming name, like I do with practically everything else, because unlike Blogger, my nickname is too cool for other sites.
Anywho. I decided that if I'm going to have that title for myself for ever other single networking/gaming/whatever site, then I should just change it here.

The only reason I did not want to before was because I know it will confuse some people. But I think I left a message warning you of the name change in your comments (Oopsy Daisy's if I didn't). And I do know that it will confuse some people.

But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

Lady Nansei

^^ Hmm, feels weird signing off like that...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, rain go away - come again another day


I love the winter weather!! I know that it’s so much better when you can go swimming everyday in the summer – especially when you live at a coastal town? Yes, well that is especially cool but the weather – not so much.
But in Winter there’s not much rainfall but it stays nice a cold, you can wear jeans, your big-fat-black-jacket and it stays a cold air even though the sun is blazing.
I love it.
Were at night you cuddle up with a blanket. You can wear boots – which I just adore. You wrap yourself in blankets in bed – which feels so cozy. You can wear those cool looking beanies (with cat ears).
Oooh, and I love it how at night, especially when I was a kid, you talk and you can see your breath – and for Americans even better – SNOW.
I adore snow.
The only time I actually got to see snow was when I went to Canberra in sixth grade for an excursion and we went to Thredbo where we rode those awesomnatum chair-lifts and then just chilled out in the snow at the top. I remember making snow men (and failing) and throwing snowballs (which failed too and turned out to be just a fistful of ice) – oh, and we made a slide which went for 1 second and you got snow in your boots, gloves, shirt and down your pants.
Ahhh, good times.
So since it’s coming into the winter season now I can’t help but rant on about it – but I’m using this time to go and chill out at the Beach while the sun’s hot and it’s still close to Summer.
So tata;)

p.s Just realised that Easter is in autumn/winter

p.s.s I hate spiders *shudders* one just jumped at me.

p.s.s.s Don't use fly spray to get rid of Spiders, it leaves a bad smell, taste – and no, I don't eat Fly Spray, it happened accidentally.



leslieanne said...

During summer, Thredbo attracts serious mountain bike racers from all over the world. But when it is winter time and the mountain is covered with snow, it has the got the longest ski runs in Australia, where the whole family can have fun together. There are lots of Thredbo accommodation the village offers, and it is up to you what place and amenities suit you and your group best.

stef said...

be make a halo one :O
ps its me