OK, so here's the story. While I was joining "Bloggers.com" (curtsy of Mimi), it didn't appear to like the title "Be", because of it's shortness. So I decided to just use my gaming name, like I do with practically everything else, because unlike Blogger, my nickname is too cool for other sites.
Anywho. I decided that if I'm going to have that title for myself for ever other single networking/gaming/whatever site, then I should just change it here.

The only reason I did not want to before was because I know it will confuse some people. But I think I left a message warning you of the name change in your comments (Oopsy Daisy's if I didn't). And I do know that it will confuse some people.

But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

Lady Nansei

^^ Hmm, feels weird signing off like that...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Everything's Cool as Long as I'm getting Thinner


On the bus to school there are usually these two seventh grade boys who just go about everything crazily, talking extremely loud and making fools of themselves – but there’s one thing – they don't care what other people think about them because IT DOESN’T MATTER.

I’ve been trying to obtain that ever since they in rolled in the school.

I don't mean I want to talk about the strangest stuff and put my hands up when the bus goes downwards like I’m on a roller-coaster but I want to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin, to not have to worry if my hair looks bad or my eyes are bloodshot.

Doesn’t everyone?

Instead we stand at the mirror everyday before school or work and try to make our hair perfect by straightening it everyday, or putting too much make-up to hide tiny pimple on your nose.

I have to admit – I’m one of those girls.

Or well, I’m trying to come out of that by starting Feel-good-counselling. I’ve made a pact to stop straightening my hair everyday and not care if it sticks to my face because I’m sweating or turns into a frizzy mess. I’m trying to start to eat cereal *cringe* and do my homework when I come home from school.

So far I’ve only managed the first one but I’m gonna keep trying to get out of this because wouldn’t you feel much, much better if you start caring for yourself inside than the outside.



Am-Y said...

I never do my homework and I dont know how that makes you feel good!!

The Childish said...

I'm one of those girls too, and I really need to stop, but it's just too hard because you dont want to look like a fool but you dont want to be announched 'self obsessed'

Hannah;) said...

I'm one of those girls and PROUD of it

The Childish said...

I love your blog awards btw

V.I.P said...

That's good that you are planning on setting a new foot forward.

Soda and Candy said...

Hey, I wish you the best with this. I never gave a crap in high school... until I discovered boys.
; )

If you enjoy being with yourself, and love yourself for who you are, it makes it that much easier for other people to love you!