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But I say "whatever" to that. Gaming names are about to take over one day or rather...

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey, You, Get off my Cloud


Last night at dinner my mum asked me an out of the blue question like she always does, well she asked me if I would like to live in a Flat – NOT that I think she would be considering it she wanted my opinion.
I thought it would be pretty cool so I said ‘Yeh, that’ll be awesome, we can live at the same apartment as my friend.”
After giving me thousands of pointers why apartments wouldn’t work out she told me that they were planning on knocking down some old houses in Woolgoolga, the gorgeous beach town I live in, so they can build flats there instead so more people can move into the town.
Again I was all ‘Cool’ and I was wondering if they would knock down our hose which is very old and has a number of infested creatures living in it.
All mum had to say was ‘They’ll be no back yard,’ after a ‘so’ she said ‘that means no Chickens.’
I was immediately NOOOOO. I could NEVER live without my chickens, especially Flower, Destiny and Indie. They are my girls – I love them, they complete me so now I am against the idea fully.
And why? Not only because of the chickens but they are practically forcing the people who lived in the old houses out and making them live in the flat. That is SO unfair. It’s cruel, mean, bullying.
And who wants to make Woolgoolga bigger? It’s gigantic already, so many people living in it already and they keep wanting to add more parts to the town which is so frustrating.
I’m a coastal girl. I live for the coast and little towns like Lord Howe Island which is actually an island but same thing.
So I was hoping to get your opinions on this. Should you be forced out of your infested house and into a flat? It’s only going to make Nightingale St noisier with more party-goers and what if you don't like your neighbours? They’re going to be living practically under you.
My country wont become a city.



Hannah said...

That's so cruel to just knock other people out of their houses to build flats!

Cherry Pops said...

That is so mean. They did the same thing in Ballina before. It's was horrible but I dont think that it will cause Woopi to become 'city like'

Misty said...

The city is awesome. I want to live in one of those penthouses

Jealous Noveity said...

I love the city. with big lights and everything, and you can just go down the road and get the shops where in Ballina we had to drive to lismore to get a decent deal

The Childish said...

I love your layout. It suits your blog except the raindrops should be instead stars.

V.I.P said...

I have chickens too. The roosters and so annoying though - in the mornings I just want to strangle them

Constructive Attitude said...

oh that sucks. im sorry! but where is everyone supposed to live while they build it. i dont get it.

B said...

probably some other flat or motel. *sigh*

Am-Y said...

SLACK much?