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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet dreams or a not-very-scary or so-terrifying-you-might-wet-the-bed Nightmare …

Here’s a fact that will knock your socks right off and cause them to run away commit mayhem across the lands and steal your shoes because that’s what they do: Some people actually wake up … early. *insert gasps of surprise*
I know, I didn’t believe that was possible but people actually want to wake up early—I’m not talking about shop owners, workers and people who generally have to wake up before the rooster crows (roosters actually crows really, really early because their mean and they think their cool).
I was talking to a guy on the bus the other day and he said he always had to run to the bus (although it stops right by his house). When I asked him what time he woke up he said 5:30, when I said why he told me he was just used to and he just always finds himself waking up at that time.

Even on weekends.

So I’ve tried this, I have to wake up early for work at around 4:30 to 5:00 and I always feel like crawling back into my bed and sleeping until the cows come home (cows actually come home rather early because they wake up earlier than the rooster).

I’m someone who love’s their sleep. I am neither a morning person nor night person. I go to bed super early (depending on whether there is anything on TV or I have to get to that next level in a video game or die) and wake up super late (depending on whether I have work or have to go to school). Because I’m a dreamer and sleeping is a good way not to be bored and to think of things to write in my next meaning-less post.

I like Cookies :D


Miss Vipro said...

I'm also like that I sleep for way to long and get tired really easily especially when I have to go to school. I do know some people who get up early too but no where near as close as 5:30!

Natallie said...

Thank you for the positive advice! I'm really scared about the whole deal although I'm trying to get over it and put it in my past, your advice definately helped me, thank you.


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AH I WISH I COULD WAKE UP THAT EARLY EVERY MORNING. I try so hard. I set my alarm and EVERYTHING. But I always end up pressing snooze and crawling back into bed (or sleeping on the floor). There's something awesome about being up so early. but also really challenging for a sleepy head, like me (and you, it sounds haha.)

Summer goal? Will do.

And I actually enjoyed this post a lot! haha.


Shoe said...

Hahaha I like cookies too! And I love your long comments... It's nice to read what people have to say. I just figured out your fish were meant for the feeding and I spent a while playing with them and attempting to make fish of my own!!

I also try to wake up early too, but my early is 9am... not 5 frakking 30!!!

SILVIA said...

really love it!
great style

follow u

Zebra Corriina said...

Heya! thx for checking out my blog! Luvin yours! and i've never met any cows, so they can't come home.... so, yeah. Follllllow me??? you know where i'm from, the land of the mystical zebras. LOL!

Ali said...

I like mornings but I'm never up earlier than 7am. that's early enough for me!
I have friends that live about 45 minutes out of the city so they have to get up early for work anyway, but they get up EVEN EARLIER so they can go swimming or go to yoga or running or whatever before work. crazy people.

also sorry I haven't replied for ages, but you asked about Pinterest - it is free but as it's a newish site it is still invitation only - so you can go on their waiting list for an invite or I can send you one if you want.

Anonymous said...

i luv 2 sleep 2!!

!♥ m i m i said...

Oh, my god, I cannot imagine having to wake up at 4 or 5. I actually sleep at 4 am usually lol, since school is done for moi!!!

I love my sleep too.

Especially when I dream.

Dreams.. are the best.