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Friday, November 12, 2010

R.I.P> Chilli the Hungry

Hey People!

I come with sad knews today. As you can tell by the title one of my beloved chickens has died. Her name was Chilli, she was 3 years old, a good friend of my favourite girl Flower, and she was a Honey-Coloured Leghorn.
Her death was pretty mysterious, if you want to put it that way, since she was sick, but no badly, but then at night when my mum went to take the other girlies (aka chickens) to their coop she couldn't find Chilli anywhere so she called me out and I went to take a look.
I searched everywhere but I couldn't find her and it was getting dark and I was getting eaten by mosquitos so I decided to end the search party and we made up a theory that she might have been taken by an Eagle which are usually circling around our house, causing the chickens to go burserk.
Anyway, the next day, after I came home from school, my sister told me that she found Chilli by the beack fence and she was mauled by a dog, her whole leg was ripped off and probably lying in our neighbours backyard right about now. So that solved the mystery.

I cant put on a photo of Chilli, since this computer is being difficult. But just pretend there is a photo of a chicken here .

There. And, on brighter sides, I got a lollypop!!!



Miss Vipro said...

oh cool you have Eagles? i've always wanted to have one as a pet that sat on meh shoulder.
poor chilli though, i hope she rests in peace after being through that


Amanda said...

awww poor chicken )-:

Hannah said...

Have I met Chilli before? I cant remember but that pretty much sux to be killed like that. I feel sorry for your neighbours, though!

Nat Attack said...

Aww, that is so sad, I hate it when I hear about animals dying since i'm so fond of them!

Oh, and btw, what is your job? I work at the supermarket, it's not exactly what i'd call fun

M!@ said...

Poor chicken. I had some before, when I lived on a farm, but they all ended up being killed by Dingos):

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Aw. I'm sorry about Chilli the Chicken. That doesn't sound like the greatest way to die... Hopefully she's having a good time in chicken heaven.

Lollipops are delicious! (on a brighter side)