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Monday, November 22, 2010

hARRY POttER ANd thE dEAthlY hAllOWS pt 1 : REViEW

Hello again my lovely readers. I'm getting into the loop with my posting again, it feel good :D

Well, recently (last Saturday, actually) I went to watch Harry Potter 7 with my mummy and my sister. I thought I'd review it, since review is ever so much fun (unless it's about poems for English). Anyway, shall I begin?

This newest Potter movie would probably come as my favourite, since that elf Dobbie dies in it (yes, I dislike Dobbie ever since the Chamber of Secrets) and a lot of the other characters too. Okay, I'm trying not to spoil this, but I have a feeling I might, so if you don't want me to spoil it then don't read the rest of this :D So. . . I loved the whole adventure-ness of it, since Adventure, Fantasy and Action are my three main keys which HAS to be in a book/movie for me to really like it, and this has them all so a big thumbs up for whoever-created-the-movies/books. I did feel a bit annoyed on behalf of the baddies since every time they came near to capturing Harry Potter he and his friends teleported themselves away. Damn you who ever taught them that! It was also a shame when Hegwid (sorry if I misspelled the owl's name) died, since she was an awesome character, although I would have chosen a Dragon over an owl. . . A bad part of the movie would be the fact that most of it was just the three main characters playing in their tent and travelling around, also when stupid Ron had to come back (I dislike Ron, he should have been in his house when it blew up).

I guess that pretty much sums up my review. I guess it's not a particularly good review, since I'm just pointing out most of the little things which I dislike about it. Hey! Here's a like: I like how they have to find all those three (two actually, since they already have one) and how they still have to find those Horcruxes.

Spoiler: Harry Potter is an Horcrux.



ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

It's kind of obvious that Harry's a horcrux - why is it that Voldemort (*le gasp* I just said his name!) can't kill him? You can't kill your soul!
I really like your review, it's so much shorter than mine.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Aw. I wish I had something cool/interesting/worthy to contribute to this post but, at last, I am not a HP fan. In fact, my only interaction with HP is watching the first movie approximately a billion years ago.

Oh golly, I know!

Haha. And to answer your question, I've always (as in the last year or two) wanted the words "Dare to Dream" scripted on my finger, or foot. Good motto, me thinks... :)


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

oh my, i'm a big harry potter fan...and what makes it special for me was that my colleg-mates and i were big geeks over it and we grew up in college watching it. haha.

don't worry about being in highschool...you're supposed to have the time of your life there. so cherish it! trust me, i'm 26 and i wish i can go back to high school and rock it more...hehehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spoiler ;-P I seriously want to see this movie soon. Shame on me, but I've only ever read the first book ! Gaah. I do plan to read all of them at one point or another.

~Reita~ said...

I'm going to watch it this weekends, so much thanks for the spoilers. And I've always liked Ron, thank you very much. :D

Hannah said...

I watched that last weekend, it was so sad how all the characters were being killed, especially Dobbie - I cant believe you didn't like him!

I love your review. And is the last spoiler for the very last movie?

βe said...

Hannah - Yes to the last thing you said. People, the spoiler in which reveals that Harry Potter is an Horcrux is for the very last movie, just in case you were watching and thinking: huh?

M!@ said...

Went to watch that yesterday, I agree that it's probably the best movie out of them all, even though most the characters died I loved how that added sadness which added better reviews (espcially if you hated the characters, as you have written). I cant wait until the next (and final) one comes out. i can imagine a tearfull leave!

the solar flare said...

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marionachic said...

fantastic blog:)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

In response to your "Because I hate twitter" thing up there, GAH THAT'S SO COOL. You MUST post your story!


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